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If you have correctly provided your bank details to both your boss and your mother, the money should already be in your account. Numerous translated example sentences with “no money in the account” – English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. I came across an article a few months ago that interested me very much. According to the business journal, the Le. Another week until the end of the month and we have no more money.

Can I pay with my credit card even though there is no money in my account?

Can I pay with my credit card even though there is no money in my account?

However, in this case you should make sure that you have enough money in your account. Anyone who pays the bills on the purchase with credit card and signature has not yet paid the purchase. The payment is made only after successful debit of the account. Who pays with credit card and secret number, can not happen:

The cover of the account will be checked immediately upon payment. If the disposition credit of the customer is completely used up, the redemption of the debit can be denied. In this case, the trader remains on an outstanding outstanding balance. As a rule, the companies therefore try a second collection attempt. In case of success, the buyer only has to bear the costs which the principal bank charges the seller for the return of the first debit.

However, some retailers also charge handling fees. Even requesting the address of the house bank to deliver the payment reminder may amount to more than 20 USD for the trade. The customer should therefore ensure that his account is covered at the time of purchase. Credit institutions may also charge fees if they inform about an unsuccessful debit.

However, this is only allowed if the account is not covered at this time. In the future, the customer will not only allow his business partner to withdraw the money due from his account. In addition, they tell their house bank to collect the debit in advance, so the consumer advocates. It states that the banks could set a charge to their customers for the justified rejection of payment instructions.

However, a fee is only permissible if the account is not covered at the time of the collection, explains the consumer.

Why is not the money in the account?

Why is not the money in the account?

Good day, I really do not remember what to do. On February 1, my boss (!) Overcame my pay. Under a new law, the money must be overcome within 1 day. But even now I have nothing on the account. But even this money has not arrived to date.

With an order confirmation from my boss I went to the house bank, they looked and said that they do not even find a transfer in the waiting time. But the money was withheld from my boss and my mom’s account. What should I do?! That’s not your decision.

Repayment-free loan – instant loan online

The repayment-free loan is mainly used for real estate financing, but is also conceivable as an acquisition loan. The term “repayment-free” means the fact that the borrower pays only the interest incurred during the term of the loan agreement. The reason for this is the higher tax base for the interest on the repayment-free loan. For the final repayment, a life insurance policy can be taken out, which will be paid out after the end of the loan period. If a bullet loan is chosen, it only pays the accrued interest until the end of its term, but the actual amount will only be fully paid out by the agreed maturity date.

A repayment-free loan?

A repayment-free loan?

That’s easy: A loan whose residual debt you do not pay during the contract. Rather, the entire monthly installment of a repayment-free loan is fully spent on interest. You only pay the remaining debt at the very end when the loan expires. The repayment-free loan is therefore often referred to as the bullet loan or the bullet loan.

Now you can ask yourself which banks are doing this and why do you need a loan without repayment? A repayment-free financing can, for example, be used as transitional financing. They have their own house in Munich, but they want to go home. In most cases, acquisitions and dispositions can not be completed in parallel, so that the price of the new property is already required before the proceeds from the sale of the old building are available.

Frequently in such cases loans are offered by the banks. However, there are other applications for repayment-free loans:

Contact our mortgage specialists, they will be happy to help.

Repayment-free loan (maturity)

Repayment-free loan (maturity)

A repayment-free bond, also called bullet loan or “bullet loan” or “bullet loan”, is characterized by the fact that during the term only interest and no repayment has to be made. Repayment-free loans are used, for example, if own funds are preferred for a limited and defined time. An example would be an existing life insurance policy, which will be paid out in 5 years, but whose repurchase value should be available for refinancing.

This has the advantage for the client that only the interest payments are incurred and thus the monthly costs are lower. The repayment amount is underpinned by the maturity payment of the life insurance policy. In addition, repayment-free loans are used primarily if the borrower can take into account the interest-related expenses for tax purposes. The interest burden over the entire term of the loan is relatively high due to a lack of repayments and entails considerable tax savings.

Examples are the financing of rental properties or the financing of photovoltaic systems. In contrast, the borrower usually saves so-called substitute repayments separately, eg in the form of a death insurance or a special fund, from which the final loan is repaid on maturity. A clear competitive disadvantage is once again the persistently high interest burden, which in the case of tax creditability is to be regarded as advantageous if the interest payments can not be claimed for tax purposes.

By waiving repayments, the interest rate over the entire term is much greater than when financing with partial installments. This form of financing is therefore generally unfavorable to the borrower, especially in the case of purely private forms of financing (non-leased land or other high-yield properties). Exempted from this is, for example, the immediate financing of Bauspar funds, for the repayment-free loans are granted in the austerity phase, as the builder in these financing operations government grants (eg Wohn-Riester) forgives and at the same time a constant monthly burden over the financing period can be achieved.

As a rule, traditional mortgage loans are usually made as annuity loans …. Repayment suspension Insurance in the form of life insurance and bullet loan There are different ways to pay for the construction or purchase of a property. Repayment lock against repayment Surrogate Borrowers who conclude a loan agreement with their principal bank can choose the repayment method themselves under certain conditions.

Capital repayment In connection with the maturity or repayment-free loans, it is economically reasonable and is usually also required by the credit institutions that the borrower ….

A loan secured by a house

Today, such a service as a loan secured by a house and land is popular. This is real financial support, especially in situations where you need an urgently large amount of money. Today, this service is used not only by residents of Kiev, but also by the country as a whole.

Loan on the security of the house and its relevance?

Loan on the security of the house and its relevance?

After all, additional funds can come in handy for the purchase of other real estate, the acquisition of stocks, a car, or business expansion. The loan amount secured by the house will always exceed the amount if the apartment or the land will act as the object of the pledge. This is the most profitable form of lending that is known today.

Money secured by the house is issued by the financial company. With us you can take a loan for any purpose.

Among other advantages of working with us, we distinguish:

  • minimum percentage;
  • quick and free appraisal at home;
  • the possibility of prolonging the loan;
  • minimum package of necessary documentation;
  • loyal conditions for each client;
  • making a decision on granting a loan within 1-2 hours.

Loan requirements

Loan requirements

To apply for a loan secured by a house, it is enough to provide our managers with a passport of a citizen of the country, TIN, documents confirming ownership of the house, as well as photographs of the property itself. We work with all clients, even those with a negative credit history.

It is easy to get a loan with a pledge of a house without an income statement. Such services are not provided by many financial services in the country, including popular banking institutions. We have been working in the financial sector for many years and have proved to thousands of customers our solvency and stability. With us, your profit will always grow, it is only a matter of time!

Application submit your application

While some banks still offer personal loans, online loans can be a quick and convenient way to take out a. With an online loan, you can: Compare rates, or pre-qualify, online. Apply on a lender’s website instead of visiting a bank.

Send an application right now and our consultant will contact you and tell you the conditions for obtaining a loan. What are you waiting for? 

How to quickly get a loan secured by real estate?


Many people are simply afraid to take loans, and this is not surprising. The market is filled with offers from private companies, and not all of them can boast of cleanliness and honesty. But the situation is increasingly forcing citizens to apply for loans. And often as collateral for a loan you have to provide your own real estate.

Lender offers you to take advantage of our advice on secured lending. Protect yourself and get a loan without fear for your property with us!

How to choose a respectable lender?

How to choose a respectable lender?

The safest option, as it seems at first glance, is a bank loan. But is it? Since 2014, many banking institutions have been closed in the country, and their loans are transferred to private collectors. At the same time, large and reliable banks are not interested in issuing loans for large amounts on bail, since this service brings them a minimum of profit. And if a bank nevertheless provides a secured lending service, most often it does it under rather harsh conditions and considers applications so closely that only a negligible percentage of people get loan approval.

Private companies are much more loyal in this regard. You can get a loan in them on much more pleasant conditions, although among them there are dishonest ones. In order not to risk your property, you should carefully study the conditions that a private financial company offers and read reviews about it. A reliable company is one that has been operating for more than one year on the market, and one that cares about its reputation. And if you want to get a loan without risk at all, we will provide it to you.

What types of loans are worth choosing?

What types of loans are worth choosing?

A loan secured by property is beneficial to both parties to the transaction: you can apply for a large loan (in lender this is up to 80% of the value of your collateral), and the lender can provide worthy security for your money.

At the same time, a good financial company will give you a loan secured by various types of real estate. In lender we offer you such loan programs:

  • Secured by residential real estate (houses or apartments, villas).
  • Secured by commercial real estate (office, warehouse, production facilities).
  • Secured by unfinished projects (any object that you are building can be used as collateral).
  • Secured by land.

Contact our specialists or use our financial calculator to calculate how much you can get and what percentage you will pay on your loan.

Urgent loan? Why not!


Force majeure is a real scourge of our time. Sudden illnesses that require investments, equipment breakdowns, loss of a loved one or even a banal flooding by neighbors – all this leads to the fact that money is needed urgently, and it’s just nowhere to get it from. And here a convenient financial instrument comes to the rescue – an urgent loan.

Typically, lending is directly related to banking institutions. But contacting the bank is fraught with such complications:

  • Collection of many references and procrastination with papers.
  • Long review of a loan application: banks are usually not in a hurry with a verdict regarding your loan application.
  • The need to have a crystal clear credit history: if you at least once delayed the payment of interest on a loan, this can become an obstacle to getting money from the bank.

Therefore, private financial institutions that can lend you on more loyal terms are gaining more and more popularity.

Private loan: how to choose the right lender?

Private loan: how to choose the right lender?

When contacting private credit organizations, you should not lull your vigilance, because there are a lot of dishonest ones among them! In order not to become a victim of such a “black” lender, you must carefully approach the choice of who will give you the money.

  • Choose a company that has been on the financial services market for a long time, because one-day companies can set you a considerable percentage for their services – and then just sell you to collectors.
  • Look at the list of services: if the company additionally provides services for evaluating your property offered as collateral, provides cash payments and other useful options, this is only a plus for you.
  • Read the contract: the more accurately it describes the services and your obligations under them, the better.

You don’t have to go far to find such a company: contact us!

You don

We provide loans up to 80% of the appraised value of the property. At the same time, even distressed assets are not a problem for us. We have been working long enough to be considered a reliable company. In addition, we put interest on borrowings that are advantageous for borrowers and give them for a long term.

All this will allow you to get the amount of money you need quickly and without unnecessary trouble.

The credit on the security of the apartment


One of the most popular types of cash loans is a loan secured by an apartment. The essence of this procedure is that the apartment from the owner acts as a part of the collateral for receiving money.

An important point in the design of such a procedure is the moment of signing the contract. It stipulates that at the time of issuance of the loan, its owner fully disposes of housing. The property in the contract is indicated as the guarantor of the payment of the loan amount by the borrower. It is impossible to sell real estate without written confirmation of a credit institution until the loan is fully repaid.

Where do they get money secured by an apartment?

Where do they get money secured by an apartment?

The company has not been operating for 10 years in the financial market of the country. Unlike most banks, we have a minimum loan interest rate and the simplest loan procedure for real estate loans. To get a loan at the bank, you need to collect a large list of documents, including income certificates, age restrictions apply and a positive history of previously received loans is required.

The company offers you a loan secured by an apartment on the following conditions:

  • providing a passport of a citizen of the country and TIN;
  • providing information that you are the legal owner of the property;
  • Signing a loan agreement in the presence of a notary.

Obtaining a loan for an apartment is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance

Obtaining a loan for an apartment is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance

In our company, this issue, subject to the provision of the necessary documents, is resolved within 1-2 hours. Our borrower can be any citizen of the country aged from 18 to 75 years.

We issue a loan secured by an apartment in any currency, including euros and dollars. In case of force majeure situations, our managers will always choose the most convenient way for you to repay the loan.

Vessels secured by an apartment in the company are executed in 3 steps:

  1. applying for a loan in any way convenient for you;
  2. providing photos and documentation on the property, you can bring to the office or send by email;
  3. signing the contract after checking the documents by a lawyer.

Only 30 minutes of time spent and the money in your account. You will not find such a format of work in any financial company .