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Today, such a service as a loan secured by a house and land is popular. This is real financial support, especially in situations where you need an urgently large amount of money. Today, this service is used not only by residents of Kiev, but also by the country as a whole.

Loan on the security of the house and its relevance?

Loan on the security of the house and its relevance?

After all, additional funds can come in handy for the purchase of other real estate, the acquisition of stocks, a car, or business expansion. The loan amount secured by the house will always exceed the amount if the apartment or the land will act as the object of the pledge. This is the most profitable form of lending that is known today.

Money secured by the house is issued by the financial company. With us you can take a loan for any purpose.

Among other advantages of working with us, we distinguish:

  • minimum percentage;
  • quick and free appraisal at home;
  • the possibility of prolonging the loan;
  • minimum package of necessary documentation;
  • loyal conditions for each client;
  • making a decision on granting a loan within 1-2 hours.

Loan requirements

Loan requirements

To apply for a loan secured by a house, it is enough to provide our managers with a passport of a citizen of the country, TIN, documents confirming ownership of the house, as well as photographs of the property itself. We work with all clients, even those with a negative credit history.

It is easy to get a loan with a pledge of a house without an income statement. Such services are not provided by many financial services in the country, including popular banking institutions. We have been working in the financial sector for many years and have proved to thousands of customers our solvency and stability. With us, your profit will always grow, it is only a matter of time!

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Send an application right now and our consultant will contact you and tell you the conditions for obtaining a loan. What are you waiting for?