Many people are simply afraid to take loans, and this is not surprising. The market is filled with offers from private companies, and not all of them can boast of cleanliness and honesty. But the situation is increasingly forcing citizens to apply for loans. And often as collateral for a loan you have to provide your own real estate.

Lender offers you to take advantage of our advice on secured lending. Protect yourself and get a loan without fear for your property with us!

How to choose a respectable lender?

How to choose a respectable lender?

The safest option, as it seems at first glance, is a bank loan. But is it? Since 2014, many banking institutions have been closed in the country, and their loans are transferred to private collectors. At the same time, large and reliable banks are not interested in issuing loans for large amounts on bail, since this service brings them a minimum of profit. And if a bank nevertheless provides a secured lending service, most often it does it under rather harsh conditions and considers applications so closely that only a negligible percentage of people get loan approval.

Private companies are much more loyal in this regard. You can get a loan in them on much more pleasant conditions, although among them there are dishonest ones. In order not to risk your property, you should carefully study the conditions that a private financial company offers and read reviews about it. A reliable company is one that has been operating for more than one year on the market, and one that cares about its reputation. And if you want to get a loan without risk at all, we will provide it to you.

What types of loans are worth choosing?

What types of loans are worth choosing?

A loan secured by property is beneficial to both parties to the transaction: you can apply for a large loan (in lender this is up to 80% of the value of your collateral), and the lender can provide worthy security for your money.

At the same time, a good financial company will give you a loan secured by various types of real estate. In lender we offer you such loan programs:

  • Secured by residential real estate (houses or apartments, villas).
  • Secured by commercial real estate (office, warehouse, production facilities).
  • Secured by unfinished projects (any object that you are building can be used as collateral).
  • Secured by land.

Contact our specialists or use our financial calculator to calculate how much you can get and what percentage you will pay on your loan.

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