If you have correctly provided your bank details to both your boss and your mother, the money should already be in your account. Numerous translated example sentences with “no money in the account” – English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. I came across an article a few months ago that interested me very much. According to the business journal, the Le. Another week until the end of the month and we have no more money.

Can I pay with my credit card even though there is no money in my account?

Can I pay with my credit card even though there is no money in my account?

However, in this case you should make sure that you have enough money in your account. Anyone who pays the bills on the purchase with credit card and signature has not yet paid the purchase. The payment is made only after successful debit of the account. Who pays with credit card and secret number, can not happen:

The cover of the account will be checked immediately upon payment. If the disposition credit of the customer is completely used up, the redemption of the debit can be denied. In this case, the trader remains on an outstanding outstanding balance. As a rule, the companies therefore try a second collection attempt. In case of success, the buyer only has to bear the costs which the principal bank charges the seller for the return of the first debit.

However, some retailers also charge handling fees. Even requesting the address of the house bank to deliver the payment reminder may amount to more than 20 USD for the trade. The customer should therefore ensure that his account is covered at the time of purchase. Credit institutions may also charge fees if they inform about an unsuccessful debit.

However, this is only allowed if the account is not covered at this time. In the future, the customer will not only allow his business partner to withdraw the money due from his account. In addition, they tell their house bank to collect the debit in advance, so the consumer advocates. It states that the banks could set a charge to their customers for the justified rejection of payment instructions.

However, a fee is only permissible if the account is not covered at the time of the collection, explains the consumer.

Why is not the money in the account?

Why is not the money in the account?

Good day, I really do not remember what to do. On February 1, my boss (!) Overcame my pay. Under a new law, the money must be overcome within 1 day. But even now I have nothing on the account. But even this money has not arrived to date.

With an order confirmation from my boss I went to the house bank, they looked and said that they do not even find a transfer in the waiting time. But the money was withheld from my boss and my mom’s account. What should I do?! That’s not your decision.

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